The Last Frontier

With encouragement from a few, there is finally a blog concerning the doings of the Nicholas and Tiera clan.  Though we have had a lot of exciting events and adventures since the first of the year,  I decided that life in Fairbanks is where we will begin (sorry Adria, my days of ‘catching up’ are over!).  Nicholas and I were lucky enough to find a house quickly.  We thought Ansel (the dog) would be extra excited about a backyard but it turns out that he has no interest in being somewhere we are not.  I’m afraid living first in a tiny third story apartment and then the backseat of a car, while driving from Columbus Ohio to Fairbanks Alaska, has made him slightly clingy.  However, we still love him tons.

We have found that keeping ourselves busy here in Fairbanks is not an issue.  Discovering a new town together has turned out to be lots of fun and having extensive land in every direction means we have pitched our tent more in the month we have been here than the two years we lived in Columbus!  Also, residing in Fairbanks has proved to be a good allure for visitors.  Sammy and Ben (Ohio friends) came first and then, after dropping them off at the airport, we picked up Rick, Terri, and Aunika!  Basically, we got to do many touristy things Alaska has to offer twice in a row, which was pretty awesome.  We saw glaciers, hiked domes, picked blueberries, visited museums, soaked in hot springs, ate salmon, and camped in Denali.  With the boys we saw caribou, the Torres fam moose and sheep (or sheps as we like to call them), and for both camping trips the bears were out in great numbers.  While we were sad when everyone left and life slowed down a bit, no one took it harder than Ansel.  He felt cheated to once again be stuck in the house with just me who will only hide his bear for him a couple times a day.  I’m clearly not as fun as Aunika.  Overall, our complaints are few and we plan to keep it that way.  We only hope that through pictures and words we can tempt more of you to come stay making our new home and life here that much better!

The pork-on-a-stick was Nick’s favorite part of the fair which confused me a little considering the fact that he doesn’t like pork….

This forest walk is about 1 mile from our house and has become our favorite path in town.

The famous Trans-Alaska Pipeline


With Sammy and Ben at Denali National Park


If you want to go further than 12 miles into Denali, you park your car and jump onto one of these beauties. The bus drivers are extremely talented as they seem to be able to spot animals undetectable by the human eye while maneuvering crazy mountain curves.

Hiking in Denali and yes, it was cold. My dress is not exaggerated!

The park has no trails meaning you just pick a spot that looks cool and make your own path. This is some tundra that we hiked along.

Those antlers were not light. Luckily the boy is obviously as strong as any moose.

This is our blueberry picking spot near home. As you can see, Ansel loves blueberries. I think he just found some.



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    Love it! So glad you are a “blogger” now.

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    loved viewing the pics! THANKS!!!

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