New Beginnings


Wow, it appears the last time I posted any thing concerning our family adventures was last August. It’s kind of a shame as the past year has been pretty great. In fact, as I sit here and think about it I find myself smiling. I can’t help but recap the best parts.

The end of August 2013 brought with it a quick trip for me, as in 1 day quick, to Idaho for work.  Despite the short amount of time, my entire family made the drive from Orem, Utah to Idaho Falls, Idaho to see me for less than 24 hours.  How can that not make a person feel awesomely cool?!


Shortly after, first of September, we had three lovely visitors come to Alaska…Tony Murray (travelling from Qatar) and the Peterson’s (coming from Columbus). As always, when we get to see people we love, it was hard to say goodbye to our guests. However, we enjoyed many charming bits and pieces of Alaska during their stay.


In late September Nicholas and I made the mistake of participating in the Mountaineering Club of Alaska’s ice climbing festival. I say mistake because I’m not sure we were in need of a new hobby but after two full beautiful days of climbing on Matanuska Glacier we were hooked. It turns out scaling frozen walls would have to be added to our repertoire of activities.

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In October we snuck down to the lower 48 to visit the Torres clan in Klamath Falls. The whole group was there including baby Teddy who we finally got to see in person! Naturally we had too much fun and were not ready to leave at the end of our week stay.


November brought with it the much anticipated event of Nicholas being sworn in as an official Alaskan attorney after passing (really destroying) the state bar.  This swearing in was far cooler than the one in Ohio.  Judge Harbison, who Nicholas had been working with for over a year, was the one who administered the oath.  I only hope, and probably not as much as Nicholas does, that there will be no more bars in the future!



The end of the holiday season, and 2013, brought with it the exciting news of baby Torres. It did not take us long to find out how many people feel it their responsibility to share baby advice and opinions perhaps a little too freely. We decided it would be in the baby’s best interest to be referred to as baby Chewie (or Chewbacca if you want to be more formal about it) until his grand appearance in August. You’ll have to tune in later to find out if that will indeed be his official name….

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In January, we had a visit from my mom. She was not in Fairbanks long enough, but it was four perfect days. Ansel cried almost as much as I did when she left.

IMG_0384blog IMG_0379

February brought with it more exciting news. It was a tough decision but we decided the position as a district attorney in the City of Kenai offered to Nicholas would be a good one to accept. They were anxious for him to start as soon as possible and so, first of April, Nicholas loaded up the runner, waved his goodbyes, and made the drive south. Ansel and I stayed in Fairbanks for a month before joining our boy in the beautiful Kenai Peninsula. A week before the big move we took another trip to the lower 48. I left Nick in Seattle to hike Mount Ranier and I spent a lovely week in Utah with my family. Following Nick’s successful mountaineering extravaganza, we played in Seattle a few days before heading back to Fairbanks where we loaded a truck and said our farewells to our home of the past two years and our many friends whom we will miss!!!

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Kenai, so far, has proved to be a pretty spectacular place. Ansel was extremely stressed by all the change but adjusted quickly. It turns out our Ohio dog loves the ocean and lucky for him the beach is but a mile away from our home. During the last two months we have tried to equalize the countless hours spent on home improvement projects with fun and adventure. This being our third move in the past four years, we have really learned to exploit the explorers inside us. Lucky for us we got to share many of the treasures we’ve found here in southern Alaska with my sister and her family. We got the Nelsons for a short week only but it was a really great week!

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As Nicholas continues to settle into his new job, I am doing everything I can to be patient while waiting for our little man to get here. He has been a bit of a stinker but after refusing to turn into a head down position on his own the doctor was able to successfully flip him around. Now it’s just a waiting game and frankly we can’t wait!!! All of us agree four will be better than three.

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