My last post, which was also my first, was made as Alaska’s delightful summer was ending.  This post, almost 7 months later, finds us highly anticipating the spring.  I just checked the weather and it is currently (-4) outside but the sun is shining and it is 8:00 PM so we do not care!!!  One might ask why has it taken me so long to update you all on our status and to this question I have no good answer.  I will however say that as daylight hours increase so does my energy and excitement.  Hmm…that perhaps sounded as though we have had a sad and lonely winter which absolutely is not the case.  In fact, we have stayed determined to enjoy it to the best of our abilities.  Because 7 months of an update on all our activities would just be boring, I will simply list some highlights:

1.  Joining the bullseye pistol league…Nicholas made Sharpshooter level and I was not far behind with Marksman First Class

2.  Halloween chili party

We were Sir Edmund Hillary and Tenzing Norgay

3.  Nanook Hockey (their match against the Buckeyes was our favorite)

4.  Knife making with the honorable Judge Olsen

Nicholas made a letter opener and I made an ulu knife.

5. Snowshoeing/Hiking


6.  Aurora borealis…it’s impossible to tire of looking at them even when it is -30 and 1:00 in the morning

7.  Watching seven seasons of “How I met your Mother” (LEGEND—-DARY!)

8.  The midnight showing of ‘The Hobbit’

9.  Spending the night in a dry cabin heated with a wood burning stove

10.  Ice sculpture competitions..we didn’t do any of the carving, just enjoyed the finished products (especially the giant slide of ice we used sleds to go down)

11.  Watching the finish of the Yukon Quest dog sled race

12.  The purchase of my electric blanket (why did I go 28 years without one of these?)

13.   And…lots of fine grilling (shout out to the boy for not letting the intense cold keep him from making some mean steaks)

We also got to take a trip back to America just a few weeks ago where we got to see and play with the Cox family, the Burtons, and other faraway friends.  In addition we experienced the slopes of Vail atop our snowboards and caught up on our favorite foods only found in the lower 48.  I believe we could label it a perfect trip.  Overall we have had a fun winter but are ready for some higher temperatures and no snow.  We have enough activities planned for the warmer seasons to keep us busy every weekend.  Our goal is to tire the pooch out enough during the summer that he will sleep all winter!


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